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Q; My generator runs for a few minutes and quits

A; 1) Check the engine oil level, low oil will shut the generator off

A; 2) Ensure the generator is on level ground


Q; My extended run auxiliary tank is distorting (blowing up)

A; The new EPA regulations minimize fuel vapor emissions, the tank is designed to grow and shrink as ambient temperatures change, Attwood Marine states... "Your new Attwood Marine EPA Certified tank is designed to keep evaporative emissions from reaching the atmosphere. As a result, pressure can build within it causing the tank to swell. This is normal and was accounted for when engineering your tank."


Q; My extended run system is not drawing fuel from the tank and runs out of gas in the generators tank.

A; 1) Replace Teflon tape on the threaded fitting(s) connecting to the tank, ensure it has been wrapped clockwise, and retighten.

A; 2) Ensure the BERG cap has been tightened properly on the generator and the rubber gasket is not cracked or broken

A; 3) Ensure the vent on the auxiliary tank is in the open position, failure to open the vent will stop the flow to the generator

A; 4) Ensure the fuel pick-up tube inside the auxiliary tank is attached and not pressed to the bottom of the tank, or missing (occasionally the pick-up tube has fallen off due to shipping from manufacturer)


Q; My quick connect coupling on the hose from the Auxiliary tank is leaking when disconnected from the cap.

A; Fill out the warranty card information located online at under the warranty tab. Further instructions will be given in a return email.

Q: My generator runs for a few minutes and surges.

A: Loosen the gas cap on the auxiliary gas tank 1/4 turn to allow the tank to vent.

Q:  How full should the gas tank on my generator be?

A: We recommend that you start your generator with at least a half a tank of gas in order to start the siphon from the gas tank.

Q: The gas line spins when I am attaching it to my gas tank, is this normal?

A: Yes, the gas line designed to spin on one end to avoid kinking when tightening the hose.


ATTENTION*: You must gravity feed the Champion systems.

Note* : Some generators like a few models made by Polaris, Champion, Yamaha and Powerhouse, don't have internal fuel pumps. To allow the system to gravity feed, you must put the external gas tank above the generator.

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