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9 BERG III Honda EU7000
9 BERG III Honda EU7000

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BERG III Extended Run Tank Honda EU7000

Introducing the BERG III Extended Run Fuel System.  This product is new for 2016 and the only one of its kind.  The BERG III is an extended run fuel system for the larger size generators and gas powered pumps.  The BERG III has its own patented pump system built into the gas cap.  This is a plug and play system that takes less than 5 minutes to install.  It's as simple as changing out the gas and oil fill caps.  No modifications to the unit are necessary.  The product has no electrial components.  The BERG III is designed to run over 150 hours with little to no maintence needed.  Our system is sold with our without a 6 gallon fuel tank and can be adapted to any size fuel tank that has a 1/4" NPT.  This system meets or exceeds the quality demands of both consumer and industrial markets.

System Contents Includes:

(1) Marine Gas tank included.
(1) B.E.R.G.S. III Generator Cap
(1) Hose Assembly
(1) Air Line
(1) Filters
*All Required Fittings
* Generator Not Included

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